Obsession Clinic

Workshop | Global clinic residency for artists

How does the artist demarcate the geography of the creative universe? This clinic is a laboratory, a space for reflection that investigates the tenacious persistence that haunts and generates the creative drive of the artist. The Obsession Clinic, taking place in various cities, languages, and countries around the world, aims to illuminate for its participants the arrow piercing the artist’s body of work. The meetings draw upon analysis, debate and discussion of the profile and work of the participating artists by investigating their lines of inquiry, circumstances, and emerging issues.

The Obsession Clinic has been presented globally since 2015 at Montclair Univesity, New Jersey, USA; at the Festival Internacional de Caracas, Venezuela; at the Instituto de Artes Escénicas del Uruguay; at the Festival Cena Contemporânea, Brazil, at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia presented by dFeria and Donostia cultura; in Sucre, Bolivia presented by Plataforma 1 and Colectivo LatEscena, at the Festival Teatro Em Movimento in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; at LAC presented by FIT Lugano, Switzerland.

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