Theatre Laboratory

Laboratory Theatre Curatorial project In this laboratory, formed in a two-year program, Umpierrez invited and commissioned two artists to create eight performances, eight happenings, which rehearse on some recurring topics of Argentine politics in the last 50 years. 2007. LABORATORIO 1. Created by Gustavo Tarrío. 2008. LABORATORIO 2. Created by José María Muscari. #CuratorialProject

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Work in Progress Panorama

Previous slide Next slide Work in Progress Panorama Curatorial projects This program presents a panorama in process, a space of search, of rehearse, of errors, of achievements, of proofs. Different artistic creators bring the public closer to an intimate, fragile landscape, a composition that tries to be a project, a material or a show. 2010.

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Rojas Interventions

Previous slide Next slide Rojas Interventions Curatorial projects Biannual Site-Specific Interventions program curated by Matías Umpierrez: 2009. In a School: UNA OBRA ÚTIL (A useful work). Concept and Directed by Gerardo Naumann. 2007. In an Apartment building: INTERIORES (Interiors) created by Federico Marrale, Mariano Pensotti, Matías Sendón, Mariana Tirantte. Directed by Mariano Pensotti. #CuratorialProject #CuratorialProject

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Parallel Worlds

Previous slide Next slide Parallel Worlds program Curatorial projects This project brings together a series of theater pieces that reflect parallel worlds, perhaps possible or not, of some physical/virtual/emotional system that exists or could exist… even if it is in fiction. Five plays are placed on stage, saturated territories, wars in unsuspected cosmographies, duplicate realities,

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Performance Revolution Rojas

Previous slide Next slide Performance Revolution Rojas Curatorial project During 2010, the year of the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s independence revolution, Umpierrez reflects on the term “revolution” and invites three artists, from different disciplines, to produce performances during 8 happenings. The invited artists were: REGISTRO, UN CENSO BICENTENARIO (REGISTRATION, A BICENTENNIALCENSUS). Written and Directed by Oria

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Classic Project

Previous slide Next slide Classic Project Curatorial project As in other disciplines, in theater it is customary to call “classics” those plays that, defying the passage of time, continue to stimulate the contemporary scene. However, reviving them usually requires large productions, which makes it difficult to update them in smaller formats. In ProyectoClásico we have

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Unknown Urbanity

Previous slide Next slide Unknown Urbanity Curatorial project From the photographic images of a specific space, located in a certain geography of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), artists from India and Lebanon, who have never visited the location or know its history, construct fictional texts that are not necessarily related with the present of

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Operas Primas

Previous slide Next slide Operas Primas Curatorial project Matías Umpierrez created in 2007 a program that promotes the debut of young artists in the performing arts and that is still in place at the Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires. The Óperas Primas program has so far supported more than

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Manual Project

Previous slide Next slide Instructions Manual Project Curatorial project This project starts from the premise of creating performances and theatrical pieces from non-dramatic variables. During 2011, 2012, 1013 a series of creators put in crisis instruction manuals of uses and services to build performances and performances. The plays and performances commissioned for this program were:

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Decentralized exhibition

Previous slide Next slide Decentralized exhibition Curatorial project This project puts the work of a visual artist with extensive experience in dialogue with the exhibition of his work in various media, outside of conventional exhibition spaces. In its first edition, it was a journey through the work of the artist/photographer Nacho Iasparra, who exhibited part

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The International Dramaturgy Festival

Previous slide Next slide The International Dramaturgy Festival Festival The International Dramaturgy Festival goes further into the centre of its endeavour and reflects on its own contemporary existence. From a transdisciplinary perspective, we encourage dialogue among different ways of dramaturgic production, curatorial practices, theatre, dance, performance, visual arts, cinema, philosophy, music, sociology and social activism.

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Dramaturgy in Motion

Dramaturgy in motion Curatorial project How the movement created by a choreographer and a choreographer who compose from afar can affect the body of a performer located miles away? Can movements without bodies emigrate and immigrate? This project invites choreographers to design and compose pieces that will be reinterpreted by other choreographers from a distance.

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Fluorescent Platform

Plataforma Fluorescente (Fluorescent Platform) Creation platform Matias Umpierrez is the artistic director and founder, together with Malena Schnitzer, of Plataforma Fluorescente a transdisciplinary device that promotes collaboration between artist, creators, and institutions from different geographies. Since 2014 this device has collaborated with 50 institutions around the world and more than 400 creators from countries such

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Previous slide Next slide Decalogue, inquiries about the 10 commandments Curatorial project During 2008/2009, 10 theater directors from Argentina and 10 playwrights from Mexico, Uruguay, and Spain, investigate the universe of moral theology and question its political incidence in the present, resulting in 10 theatrical performances. LA GRACIA, AMARÁS A DIOS SOBRE TODAS LAS COSAS

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Obsession Clinic Workshop | Global clinic residency for artists How does the artist demarcate the geography of the creative universe? This clinic is a laboratory, a space for reflection that investigates the tenacious persistence that haunts and generates the creative drive of the artist. The Obsession Clinic, taking place in various cities, languages, and countries


The Tears

Previous slide Next slide The Tears Video Installation Tears [of sadness – of euphoria – of joy – of pain – of pleasure – of rejection – of nostalgia – of impotence – of ecstasy – of onion – from pepper spray – from menthol – crocodile tears – which suffocate – which relieve…] When

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Previous slide Next slide Rostro (Face) Short film This short film reflects on the relationship between discourse and cinematography. The audience is transported to a scene that they are not watching but listening to. The image that quotes the dramatic action will be hidden and must be recreated by the spectator in his mind, while

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Previous slide Next slide Society Unclassified experience In the summer of 2016, we started to create a secret society of anonymous people who purchase masks as a search for a second identity. The members of this society personify, invoke, worship, their doubles through the use of latent structures made of ceramic, silicone, resin and virtually

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Previous slide Next slide Independence Video game | Online experience A video game, an online experience where the audience will search for a home hidden in the thicket of a forest located inside a factory called “progress”. The forest is inspired by Mount Musa, which is located in northern Morocco on the border with the

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Previous slide Next slide Eclipse Theater In 2018, a 9,000-year-old stone mask was discovered. Nine millennia of hiding faces and chasing the idyll of the Other. We were already masked when we saw the first eclipse and, frightened by the superposition of the sun and moon, we ended a battle (1375 BC). How many identities

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