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Classic Project

Curatorial project

As in other disciplines, in theater it is customary to call “classics” those plays that, defying the passage of time, continue to stimulate the contemporary scene. However, reviving them usually requires large productions, which makes it difficult to update them in smaller formats. In ProyectoClásico we have proposed to approach some outstanding dramatic texts from an approach that conceives them as spectacular texts limited in their spatial and temporal dimensions. This implies accepting the no less ambitious challenge of thinking in other forms whose procedures offer for these “classics” new dramatic resolutions related to their validity.

The project brings together three texts that share a tragic structure and the common denominator of a protagonist who – at different stages of life – is faced with the dilemma of the use or abuse of political power. They are three “classics” that propose a look at three women thought by male authors, and in which “the feminine” seems to emerge as a consequence of decision making.

The pieces commissioned for this project were:

  • About Anthony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare SI ES AMOR DE VERDAD, ME DIRÁS CUÁNTO ENTONCES Written and Directed by Beatriz Catani.
  • About Hécuba by Eurípides: HÉCUBA O EL GINECEO CANINO Written and Directed by Emilio García Wehbi.
  • About Salomé by Oscar Wilde: CUREPÍ Written and Directed by Alfredo Ramos.
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