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Instructions Manual Project

Curatorial project

This project starts from the premise of creating performances and theatrical pieces from non-dramatic variables. During 2011, 2012, 1013 a series of creators put in crisis instruction manuals of uses and services to build performances and performances. The plays and performances commissioned for this program were:

  • 2013. DESENCANTO. About a Manual reconstruction of archaeological ceramics. Created by the visual artist collective group Rosa Chancho (Julieta García Vázquez, Javier Villa, Osías Yanov, Mumi).
  • 2013. EL DIRECTOR, LA OBRA, LOS ACTORES Y EL AMOR. About Manual theater director. Written and Directed by Alberto Ajaka.
  • 2013. POR EL DINERO. About a Manual of folk dances. Written and Directed by Luciana Acuña y Alejo Moguillansky.
  • 2012. LA BRUJA Y SU HIJA. About a Manual of Mediumship. Written and Directed by Vivi Tellas.
  • 2012. HIPNOSIS, ENREDADERAS, DESASTRES. About a Manual of hypnosis. Written and Directed by Nacho Ciatti.
  • 2012. SI EL DESTINO VIENE A MÍ. About a Human Resources Manual. Written and Directed by Mariana Obersztern.
  • 2011. EL HORTICULTOR AUTOSUFICIENTE. About a Garden Manual. Written and Directed by Mariana Chaud.
  • 2011. LA EDAD DE ORO. About Manual of Ikea’s forniture. Written and Directed by Walter Jakob y Agustín Mendilaharzu.
  • 2011. LOS PACTOS. About T.E.G game Manual. Written and Directed by Juan Pablo Gómez.
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