The Tears

Previous slide Next slide The Tears Video Installation Tears [of sadness – of euphoria – of joy – of pain – of pleasure – of rejection – of nostalgia – of impotence – of ecstasy – of onion – from pepper spray – from menthol – crocodile tears – which suffocate – which relieve…] When […]

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Previous slide Next slide Constructions Video installation How is a myth formed in these contemporary times? The project Constructions starts off with this question and trusts in the orality and the artistic intervention to desecrate the anonymous entity of the myth and the illusion of truth of the documentary. So… individuals whose journey takes more

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The Forests

Previous slide Next slide Previous slide Next slide The Forests Video installation performance What is the first fiction we perceive? Borges said that dreams are small plays, the first form of drama with several characters. In a world of violent metamorphosis, where reality fades into dreams and dreams become real, there is a forest of

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The Museum of Fiction

Previous slide Next slide The Museum of Fiction Video installation performance The Museum of Fiction proposes a dialogue regarding the shift that dramatic action can provokein a museum-collection-conservation-exhibition-time system. By challenging fiction’s temporal-spatiallimits, it tries to find a possible “museumification”, or a unique way to keep the dramatic construction for the present and future collective

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