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Site specific intervention

In DramaHOME, 7 women, 7 housewives, 7 ex-professional workers are in conversation with the outside, while hidden in their own homes.  Through electronic screens placed in front of their homes or apartments the women write throughout the day their thoughts, dreams, fears… their own daily fictions. These screens, instead of transmitting advertisements, announce the hidden voices of these professional women silenced by domestic work.

Presented by Casa E, Ni con el pétalo de una rosa Festival. Bogotá-Colombia.

Credits urban intervention:

The housewives are María Virginia Cano Ruiz, Yamile Castillo, Luz Ángela García Ramos, Gloria Muñoz, Martha Lucía Sepulveda Araujo, Amparo Vargas, Marlo Nubia Vargas de Figueroa.

Concept and General Direction: Matías Umpierrez

Production Coordinators: Javiera Valenzuela, Micaela Morello, Oscar Yepes

Assistant Director: Alejandra Gaitán

Editing Technicians: Andrés Fonteche

Screen Technicians: David Martinez Rueda, Elvis Restrepo


Video credits:

Director: Matías Umpierrez

DoP: Cine Animal

Translation to English: Patricia Masera, María Fernanda Prieto Gaitán

Music: Rafael Sucheras

Color correction and postproduction: Cine Animal

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