site specific intervention


Previous slide Next slide TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater Site specific intervention performance TeatroSOLO ® LONEtheater exposes the audience to a primal experience that dates back to the first sparkle of theatricality: the oral tradition. Through performance interventions that take place in five specific sites in a city, each spectator steps into different stories, or theatrical pieces, that remain […]

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drama HOME

. Previous slide Next slide dramaHOME Site specific intervention In DramaHOME, 7 women, 7 housewives, 7 ex-professional workers are in conversation with the outside, while hidden in their own homes.  Through electronic screens placed in front of their homes or apartments the women write throughout the day their thoughts, dreams, fears… their own daily fictions. These screens, instead of transmitting advertisements, announce the hidden voices of these professional women silenced by domestic

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