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Video game | Online experience

A video game, an online experience where the audience will search for a home hidden in the thicket of a forest located inside a factory called “progress”.

The forest is inspired by Mount Musa, which is located in northern Morocco on the border with the Spanish city of Ceuta. This mountain is also known as The Dead Woman because when looking at the mountains from the Spanish territory in Africa one can perceive the silhouette of a lifeless woman. As an irony of the landscape that alerts humans who pass through it.

Hundreds of women, men, children, and families hide there, waiting to find a way to migrate to Europe. Many never make it out of the forest, they remain trapped in the underworld, torn apart by uncertainty, lost, perhaps, in the mythology of the destiny they are trying to reach. 

The particular forest of INDEPENDENCE is a scenario that provokes displacements, transformations: from the physical to the virtual subject and from the one who migrates to the one who explores. Users will be able to collect clues among the undergrowth of a forest where trees lose their roots, floating in the air without destination.

The public will accumulate stories, experiences, myths, with the fear of falling into the traps of those who dare to move, while chasing a voice, a lament, a home.

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