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Site specific intervention performance

TeatroSOLO ® LONEtheater exposes the audience to a primal experience that dates back to the first sparkle of theatricality: the oral tradition. Through performance interventions that take place in five specific sites in a city, each spectator steps into different stories, or theatrical pieces, that remain immersed in those locations. Only the spectator, after buying the ticket and deciding which story they’ll go into, will have the key that will let them access and go through that experience all by themselves. The performances remain hidden for anyone other than the spectator.

In TeatroSOLO ® LONEtheater, the spectator has an active role that allows them to take a stand when it comes to the conflicts carried out in the performances. Each piece talks about different emerging issues in the intervened city, such as several taboos and social, economical, and political problems. Also, the five pieces dialogue with five representation systems where the spectator takes different stands and decisions.

The oral tradition that is the basis of this project doesn’t just take place during the performance. It is also the way in which the spectator transmits the experience they just went through, of which they were the sole witness.

TeatroSOLO ® LONEtheater makes use of the most primal aspect of theater: the physical encounter between people. This situation allows interpreters to immerse themselves in an introspective experience. Doing eight 30-minute performances a day pushes them to their physical limit, depriving them of all the “actor” archetypes, thus forcing them to search for the human, where the text stops being a text and turns into a sort of mantra due to repetition.

This site-specific intervention was created in a global way, so it changes cities, performers, languages, and conflicts.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | Buenos Aires


Site: Apartment

Performers: Denise Groesman, Claudia Schijman



Site: Subway, D Line

Performer: Carolina Martín Ferro



Site: Museo MALBA

Performer: Vivi Vázquez



Site: Teatro Alvear

Performer: Flor Dyszel



Site: Historic Culture House, Buenos Aires City Government

Performers: Lalo Rotavería, Martín Soler, Matías Tavolaro

Creative & Production Team Buenos Aires: Photography (Fotos): Sebastián Arpesella Assistants (Asistencia general): Ayelén Aranea, Fátima Fernández, Jair Toledo | Assistant Director (Asistencia de dirección): Pía Patruno | Production Assistant (Asistencia de producción): Rodrigo Pérez | Producer (Producción): Florencia Wasser | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez

In Buenos Aires, TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater)  was presented by the city-run Buenos Aires Theatre Complex, Rituales del Pasaje and in collaboration with the MALBA art museum (Fundación Constantini).

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | New York

Far Away

Site: Central Park             

Performer: Lily Narbonne



Site: Abandoned Building

Performers: Richard Hutzler, Ben Mandell, Gustavo Ranieri



Site: Subway                        

Performer: April Sweeney



Site: Connelly Theatre Backstage

Performer: Lindsey Liberatore  



Site: Apartment

Performers: Debbie Saivetz, Calaine Schafer 

Creative & Production Team (Staff)  New York: Photography (Fotos): Gustavo Mirabile |Translations (Traducción): Brenda Werth, Ben Mandell, April Sweeney, Patricia Masera, Charlotte Arbogast | Assistant Director (Asistente de dirección): Ben Mandell | Producer (Producción Ejecutiva): Charlotte Arbogast | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez

In New York City TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater)  was presented by the Undergroundzero Fesitval, Colgate University in collaboration with SELR, the Argentine Consulate in New York and the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | Sâo Paulo


Site: Teatro Sergio Cardoso

Performer: Tatiana de Marca



Site: Apartment

Performers: Mariana Faloppa, Vera Monteiro



Site: Museo Pinacoteca

Performer: Fernanda Machado



Site: Abandoned Building

Performers: João Filho, Ana Paula Dias, Alexandre Vasconcelos



Site: Garment Factory

Performers: Nadia Recioli, Érica Kou

Creative & Production Team (Staff) São Paulo | Production Residents (Residentes de producción): Jô Bittencourt, Eduardo Colombo, Anna Cosenza, Elaine de Castro, Gabriela Presti, André Mendes, Carolina Moreno, Plínio Simões, Carol Vidotti | Music (Música): Rafael Sucheras | Photography and Art Direction (Fotos y Dirección de Arte): Camilla Loreta | Production Assistant (Asistente de Producción): Gustavo Valezi | Assistant Director (Asistente de Dirección): Gabriela Caraffa | Production Coordinator (Dirección de Producción): Daniele Sampaio  | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez

POIESIS Organización Social de Cultura | Executive Director (Director Ejecutivo): Clovis Carvalho | Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade | Artistic Director (Director Artístico): Celso Curi | General Coordinator (Coordinadora General): Michelle Gonçalves | Production Coordinator (Coordinadora de Producción): Eliety Teixeira | Programming Technicians (Técnica de Programación): Nina Knutson, Jaqueline Vasconcellos | Cultural Production (Producción Cultural):  Beto Souza | Adminsitrative Support (Auxiliares Administrativas): Kátia Souza, Maria Pádua | Producers (Productores): Duarte Mariano, Eliana Gennari, Kokimoto Rocha, Jair Gabriel

In Sâo Paulo TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater) was presented by the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Office, Cultural Offices of the State of Sâo Paulo, SIM Cultura in collaboration with the Pinacoteca Museum, the Sergio Cardoso Theatre, Apaa, & Elements.

In Sâo Paulo TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater) won the R7 Prize as the “Best Project of the Year” developed in that city. En Sâo Paulo TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater) fue ganador del Premio R7 como el Mejor proyecto del año desarrollado en la ciudad.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | San Sebastián


Site: Teatro Victoria Eugenia (Victoria Eugenia Theatre)

Performer: Tessa Andonegi



Site: Apartment

Performers: Estibaliz Curiel, Mary Zurbano



Site: School

Performer: Julen Vega



Site: Train Station

Performer: Naiara Arnedo



Site: Post Office

Performer: Chema Tena

Creative & Production Team (Staff) San Sebastián | Translation into Basque Language (Traducción al Euskera): Bitez Logos | Photography (Fotos): Gorka Bravo | Music (Música): Rafael Sucheras | Assistant Director (Asistente de dirección): Naiara Gonzalez Etxeberria  | Location Assistants (Asistentes de locaciones): Imanol Jimenez, Jon San Julián, Antonio Arroyo, Xabier Urcaregi, Izaskun Martin, Alex Tello | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez dFERIA Creative & Production Team (Staff dFERIA): Artistic Director, dFERIA (Dirección Artística dFERIA): Norka Chiapusso | dFERIA Administration (Gestión dFERIA): Iñaki Salaberria | Team (Equipo): Nando Pineiro, Ane Osa, Amaia Olano, Idoia Montero, Koldo Doman, Jon Mikeldi Oosterveen | Production (Producción): José Ignacio Abanda, Lourdes Aginaga, Nando Pineiro, Amaia Olano, Agurtzane Aizpuru | Communications (Comunicación): Jaione Askasibar | Communications Team (Equipo de Comunicación): Maria Huegun, Ruiz maialen, Felipe Retamal

In San Sebastián TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater) was presented by dFERIA, Donostia Kultura, Teatro Victoria Eugenia in collaboration with Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián, Donostia 2016, Gobierno Vasco, EAB and (e) Iberescena.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | Madrid


Site: Teatro María Guerrero

Performer: María Hervás



Site: Apartamento (apartment)

Performers: Fabia Castro, Isabel Gálvez



Site: Museo Reina Sofía (Reina Sofía Museum)

Performer: Olalla Hernández



Site: Metro (subway)

Performer: Sauce Ena


Far Away

Site: Calles del Barrio Lavapiés (streets of the Lavapiés neighborhood)

Performer: Chema Tena

Creative & Production Team (Staff) Madrid: Photography (Fotos): Cristobal Prado | Music (Música): Rafael Sucheras | Production Intern (Meritorio en producción): Raquel Palomero | Producer (Producción General): Mariano Piñeiro | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez

In Madrid TeatroSOLO (LONETheater) was presented by the “A Look at the World” Festival in collaboration with the National Drama Centre and the Reina Sofía Museum. En Madrid TeatroSOLO (LONETheater) fue presentado por el Festival Una Mirada el Mundo en colaboración con el Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN) y el Museo Reina Sofía.

In Madrid TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater) was nominated for the prestigious Valle-Inclán prize for the performance of actress María Hervás, who performed the piece in the backstage of a theatre. En Madrid TeatorSOLO (LONEtheater) recibió la nominación al reconocido Premio Valle-Inclán gracias al trabajo de la actriz María Hervás que representó la pieza desarrollada en el back-stage del Teatro.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | Portland


Site: The Public Library, Portland

Performer: Paige McKinney



Site: Office

Performer: Alex Leigh Ramírez



Site: Portland Art Museum

Performer: Nancy Ellis



Site: Train station.

Performer: April Sweeney



Site: Portland Tennis Camp Education.

Performer: Paul Susi

Creative & Production Team Portland | Photography: Mario Gallucci | Music: Rafael Sucheras | Production Manager: Molly Gardner | Assistant Director: Solveig Esteva | Location Assistant: Shaleesa Moreno | Translator: Ruth Wikler-Luker | Project Advisors- Portland: Patricia Vazquez Gomez, Nelda Reyes | Portland City Footage for Trailer courtesy Travel Portland | Concept, Text & Direction: Matías Umpierrez

In Portland TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater was presented by Boom Arts & c3:initiative in collaboration with Portland Art Museum, Portland Tennis & Education, Watershed, with the support from Ronni Lacroute, the Boom Arts Board of Directors, the Boom Arts Founding Circle, Jubitz Family Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, Spirit Mountain, Oregon Humanities.

TeatroSOLO-LONEtheater | Graus


Site: Sausage Factory

Performer: Juan Álvarez



Site : Apartment

Performers: Lola Díaz, Amparo Malo



Site: Teatro Salamero

Performer: Inma Cáceres



Site: Church

Performer: Carlota Guivernau



Site: School

Performer: Silvia Olivas

Creative & Production Team Graus | Photography (Fotos) Matías Umpierrez | Location Assistants (Asistente de Localizaciones): Yolanda Villoria, Eli Lanau, Adriana Badel, Sara Castells,  Mónica Expósito, Conchi Girón | Music (Música): Rafael Sucheras | Production Assistant (Asistente de Producción): Gara Garzón | Producer (Producción): Jorge Mur (Espacio Pirineos)  | Concept, Text & Direction (Concepto, Dramaturgia y Dirección): Matías Umpierrez

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