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Novela (Soap opera)


Novela (soap opera) is the journey of a fiction, of a game, of a sublimated reality. Sublimated by someone who mourns a past, a love, a soap opera. Everyone is part of the game, of the game that recreates this dismal and sad fact. The mother asks for help, help to the novels.


Cast: Susana Tale, Eugenia Mercante, Delia Folgueira, Julián Vilar

Voices in Off: Carolina Fal and Luciano Suardi

Dramaturgy and Direction: Matías Umpierrez

Choreography: Felicitas Luna

Lighting Design: Magali Acha / Set & Costume Design: Alejandro Mateo

Assistant Director: Macarena Albalustri

Makeup Design: Gioia Matarazzo / Hairstyle Design: Martín Mugnolo for Priora Studio

Graphic Design: Medusa Diseño / Photography: Fantômas Isabel Forcato, Nicolás Okseniuk

Sound and Music Design: Rafael Sucheras / Press: Carolina Alfonso

Produced by: Lengue Lengue Productions – Paula Massa, Delfina Azulay, Magali Reyes

Executive Producer: Segio Deva

This show is Matías Umpierrez’s opera prima for theater in 2006. It was presented at El Kafka Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This show was produced by Lengue Lengue Producciones with the support of ProTeatro, Instituto Nacional del Teatro, Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

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