Previous slide Next slide Eclipse Theater In 2018, a 9,000-year-old stone mask was discovered. Nine millennia of hiding faces and chasing the idyll of the Other. We were already masked when we saw the first eclipse and, frightened by the superposition of the sun and moon, we ended a battle (1375 BC). How many identities […]

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Soap Opera

Previous slide Next slide Novela (Soap opera) Theater Novela (soap opera) is the journey of a fiction, of a game, of a sublimated reality. Sublimated by someone who mourns a past, a love, a soap opera. Everyone is part of the game, of the game that recreates this dismal and sad fact. The mother asks

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Previous slide Next slide Distance Virtual play Multiple screens. 5 musicians on stage. 4 actresses live in Paris, Hamburg, Buenos Aires and New York. Love trough 7000km intervened by an eclectic fusion of happy memories, melancholic melodies, family archives, hidden files, images of oblivion, delirious consumption. This unique set up developed by Matias Umpierrez, challenges

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